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P Series inks:

Diesel 420 BIS is the newest addition to P Series ink solutions. When compared to our P1 ink, you can expect 4x darker image, incredible long decap time and enhanced printing resolution allowing you to print clear and readable text/barcodes on porous substrates.

P1 is a dye-based ink that performs well on basic porous substrates. It comes with red, blue and green colors.


SP Series inks:

SP4 is a dye-based ink that prints 4x darker than our P1 ink. This ink provides remarkable decap time, while maintaining excelling print quality and dark printing resolution on various semi-porous substrates.

SP2B is a specialized dye-based ink that was designed to perform on varnished substrates.

SP2C is a specialized dye-based ink that was designed to perform well on difficult substrate such as hot PVC substrates.

SP-L is a specialized dye-based ink that was designed to perform well on difficult substrate such uncoated paper and copper paper  substrates. 

NP Series inks:

NP4 is the latest addition to our NP Series ink solutions. This solvent-based ink is capable of providing good permanence on a wide range of non-porous substrates. When compared to our NP3 ink, you can expect an impressive decap time, darker optical density, shorter drying time of less than 3 seconds, and improved adhesion to various non-porous substrates. Such as copper paper, PP (synthetic paper), golden cardboard, aluminum coated, PP, PVS, PC, OPP, PET, and APET.

NP3 is a solvent-based ink that performs well on various non-porous substrates.

ANSER is the most trusted manufacturer of product identification coding solutions, offering reliable and innovative printing solutions.

We are dedicated to provide high quality equipments, supplies, and services designed to perform with maximum reliability, efficiency and ease of operation. Wherever products need to be identified, you’re never too far away from ANSER. Integrados Smart Trading is the Official Distributor of ANSER IN SPAIN.

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